Variety is pretty much a way of life around here: We go from big to small, local to national, public to private, but always keep it person-to-person – we just haven’t found a better way of building business than through building relationships. So get to know a little of our work, and then let’s get to know one another.



Facility Site Characterization

Guernsey was selected by a law firm to support Gibson regarding regulatory compliance issues that could become criminal charges. Guernsey prepared an Assessment Work Plan for Gibson and submitted it to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ). Guernsey performed...


Louis Berger Services, LLC

Environmental Audits and Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

The facilities provided aviation fuel support services and maintenance activities for the Department of Defense. Issues included: High level environmental auditingPrevious site impact from adjacent sourcesPrevious site impact from onsite activities Underground storage tanksAbove ground storage tanksWastewater discharges from oil...



Water Quality Study - Power Plant

The Client desired to improve the quality of water used in a Power Plant’s cooling water process. Initially, the Client requested a study to seek out the true and factual...


PFM Group

Independent Engineering Services - District Heating and Cooling and Cogeneration Plants throughout the State of Wisconsin

Guernsey provided professional consulting services to the PFM Group for the privatization of 33 heating and power facilities in the State of Wisconsin. For each site, Guernsey prepared a Facility...


CoServ Electric

Meter/Transformer Building

This facility will allow for (1) the short-term storage of new and re-claimed electrical transformers for testing, re-building and re-use and (2) the testing re-building, and re-use of electrical meters...


Halliburton Energy Services

Unit Test Facility

Housing over 30,000 SF, the Unit Test Facility was designed and built for Halliburton to provide a high quality, efficient, and perhaps most importantly, safe environment for them to test...


The Boeing Company

Boeing Office & Electronics Laboratory Facility

This project features a two-story office and lab facility that is 316,000 square feet in size, with roadways, extensive landscaping of its 40-acre site, and more than 1,200 parking spaces...