Meter/Transformer Building

This facility will allow for (1) the short-term storage of new and re-claimed electrical transformers for testing, re-building and re-use and (2) the testing re-building, and re-use of electrical meters.

With the site selection predetermined by CoServ, the design team recommended a contractor to complete the design/build team. The team met with the various department managers and building occupants for input and developed a schematic floor plan, building elevations and building sections, which served as the basis for refinement during on-board review meetings with CoServ.

The key challenge was to provide a central area large enough for a semi-tractor trailer to enter the building and close the coiling doors for the loading or off-loading of transformers and meters in two directions. From this central area, the west half of the facility (7,040 square feet) comprises the meter shop, meter testing, administration, break room, restrooms, mechanical, electrical, communications and meeting room. The meeting room will also function as an emergency dispatch center for service vehicles. The east half of the facility (9,060 square feet) provides short-term storage of transformers until they are scheduled to undergo testing.

The exterior walls are constructed of a brick veneer to 10’-0” AFF with metal stud back-up and exterior insulation finish system (EIFS) to the pre-finished metal soffits. The roof is a structural standing seam metal roof system on a conventional steel beam and joist framing system.