Independent Engineering Services - District Heating and Cooling and Cogeneration Plants throughout the State of Wisconsin

Guernsey provided professional consulting services to the PFM Group for the privatization of 33 heating and power facilities in the State of Wisconsin. For each site, Guernsey prepared a Facility Description, Technical Review, and Ancillary System review. Along with these documents, Environmental and Regulatory Summaries and Health and Safety Overviews of each facility were prepared. The final documents were incorporated into an Independent Engineering Review with and overview of the entire portfolio of facilities.

The Facility Description provided an overview of each facility including location, observed or reported site conditions, project design basis, mechanical systems and major components, electrical generation systems and major components, plant control system, environmental protection systems and controls, reported planned and in-process capital construction projects, off-site ancillary systems, and points of demarcation between the facilities and commodity utility providers.

The Technical Review described the mechanical equipment of each facility in detail, including steam generation components, turbines, electrical generation equipment, chillers, cooling towers, major electrical components and additional related equipment within the facility’s points of demarcation. This review included, to the extent such information was readily available, summaries of the technical development of each major component, performance at acceptance, current performance, maintenance history, operational issues, and estimates of the remaining useful life as well as identifying alternatives for any necessary upgrades, modifications or improvements.

The Ancillary Systems Review reviewed major ancillary systems within each facility including the water treatment and cooling water systems, wastewater treatment and discharge systems, fuel supply systems, and/or environmental pollution control systems. Additionally the review included a summary description of each system and its components, maintenance history and observed or reported operational issues.