Engineering covers a lot of territory around here. Our highly experienced in-house team of engineers consistently communicates with the architectural and consulting disciplines to ensure all considerations are incorporated into designs from day one.


Structural Engineering

Structural integrity is based on many factors that evaluate stability, strength and rigidity. Our structural engineering team provides many services including design development, specifications, building calculations, peer review, reports and...


Chemical/Process Engineering

If your business manufactures products, refines petroleum or produces chemicals, you will benefit from our chemical/process engineers. We are highly skilled professionals that focus on applying chemical engineering and environmental...


Civil Engineering

This is truly the foundation of Guernsey. Our civil engineering roots reflect on our very first days in 1928. Though technology and processes are very different today than they were...


Electrical Engineering

Maybe it used to be about simply changing a light bulb, but in today’s technology-driven, energy-consuming world, electrical engineers are more critical than ever. Our decades-long perspective on the evolution...


Environmental Engineering

Environmental protection isn’t just a feel-good term – it’s a very real and vital factor in every project we touch. We assist in planning, evaluating, diagnosing and mitigating engineering and...


Mechanical Engineering

The comfortable office temperature, the working restrooms – these are the things that no one notices until something goes wrong. Mechanical engineers are responsible for making sure the building functions...