Unit Test Facility

Housing over 30,000 SF, the Unit Test Facility was designed and built for Halliburton to provide a high quality, efficient, and perhaps most importantly, safe environment for them to test the high pressure pumping units designed and manufactured at the Duncan, Oklahoma manufacturing center.

The facility was comprised of three areas; an administrative core (approx. 10,000 SF) flanked on each side by three maintenance and testing bays. One set of three bays was designed for low pressure pump testing scenarios with partition walls dividing the bays while the other set of three bays was designed for extremely high pressure pump testing scenarios. These three high pressure bays were designed and constructed to a very high ballistic containment standard (proprietary) developed by this project through ballistic analysis based on the units being tested and included such protective measures as remote monitoring capabilities, ballistic doors and protected penetrations.

In addition to the facility, the project provided considerable concrete apron paving, roadway, grading and drainage, and utility services.