Variety is pretty much a way of life around here: We go from big to small, local to national, public to private, but always keep it person-to-person – we just haven’t found a better way of building business than through building relationships. So get to know a little of our work, and then let’s get to know one another.


USACE, Tulsa District

Phase II Master Plan and Reconnaissance

A variety of planning activities were addressed relating to 42 miles of the river system (84 miles of river bank) from the Keystone Dam to the Tulsa County/Wagoner County line. The main focus of Phase II included: Characterize the conditions...


PFM Group

Independent Engineering Services - District Heating and Cooling and Cogeneration Plants throughout the State of Wisconsin

Guernsey provided professional consulting services to the PFM Group for the privatization of 33 heating and power facilities in the State of Wisconsin. For each site, Guernsey prepared a Facility...



University Strategic Sourcing

While working with various university clients, our team of experts prepared Strategic Sourcing Studies for the analysis of changing utility service provision from the university to an outside entity. The...