Boeing Office & Electronics Laboratory Facility

We created a custom plan for the unique needs of this type of utility infrastructure, as well as a master plan that included:

  • Conceptual site drawings and final report
  • Evaluation and recommendations for traffic circulation, pedestrian movements and safety
  • Future building and parking expansion
  • Stormwater management and utility design
  • Environmental assessment

Final site design for this project features:

  • More than 1,200 parking spaces with adequate ADA spaces located near the front entrance
  • Access roads and a boulevard to separate primary vehicular traffic from primary pedestrian traffic
  • Multiple striped walkways, sidewalks and crosswalks incorporated into the design to promote pedestrian safety
  • Extensive landscape design that included 470 trees, 16,000 square feet of planter beds, and irrigation design for all unpaved areas that met or exceeded the City of Oklahoma City building code requirements
  • Site lighting and signage to enhance and complement the building and site design
  • Shaded pedestrian walking paths both for function and exercise
  • Covered areas for food truck parking and outdoor eating areas for building occupants
  • Remote/overflow parking lots with connecting sidewalks to the main building and the rest of the site