About Guernsey

Guernsey is a well-established firm with more than 95 years of experience in engineering, architecture, and consulting. If you examine us closely, you might only see the component pieces. But if you look at the bigger picture, you see a unique, cohesive, employee-owned firm capable of handling a wide array of projects, private or public, with a client-first commitment.

We are a multi-discipline firm, employing engineers, architects, planners, consultants, environmental scientists, designers, analysts, accountants and managers. Our clients include federal, state and local government; military entities; utilities; Native American tribes; universities; Fortune 500 companies; oil and gas companies; and more. Because we offer all these services under one roof, we are able to collaborate efficiently, giving you access to expert advice in a variety of disciplines and business sectors.

Learn About the Markets Guernsey Serves



Communities depend on the commercial and retail sector for jobs and revenue. A comprehensive view of master planning, infrastructure design and engineering, urban design, and sustainability will help create a...


County & State Agencies

Since before every employee at Guernsey was born, county and state governmental agencies have relied on our company to develop and foster programs that are beneficial to citizens and their...


Cooperative & Municipal Utilities

Now here’s a claim not many companies can make: our founder, Curt Guernsey, Sr., was uniquely involved in the electrification of rural America. You can read more on that in...


Federal Agencies

We’ve been honored to support the mission of our armed forces and the Federal government since our first endeavor in this market during World War II and continuing today. We’ve...


Higher Education

Higher education planning and design is sort of, well, an institution around here. Over the past three decades we’ve helped some of the nation’s finest universities and education facilities create...



Our economy continues to be strongly influenced by the industries that support our needs and requirements. Technical understanding of processes is vital to the growth of these businesses and our...