Facility Site Characterization

Guernsey was selected by a law firm to support Gibson regarding regulatory compliance issues that could become criminal charges. Guernsey prepared an Assessment Work Plan for Gibson and submitted it to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ). Guernsey performed a site characterization investigation of the property and conducted field activities in accordance with the Assessment Work Plan. Lead contamination in the soil was the primary concern.

Guernsey also conducted a detailed, systematic visual evaluation of surface conditions at the site. All waste or debris observed was identified, flagged, and the coordinates of the flagged locations were recorded on an aerial map of the site. Guernsey’s field work also included soil sampling at various sites on the property to be analyzed by a certified laboratory.

A Site Characterization Report was prepared and summarized the field activities and analytical testing results. This report was submitted to ODEQ for review and comments.

Upon receiving ODEQ’s approval of the Site Characterization Report, Guernsey remediated the two areas with lead and/or cadmium concentrations above the ODEQ action levels. The surface and subsurface soil was removed until field measurements were below ODEQ action levels. Conformational soil samples were collected prior to disposal. The site did receive a Closure Letter from ODEQ in January 2014. The contaminated soil was disposed accordingly.