Water Quality Study - Power Plant

The Client desired to improve the quality of water used in a Power Plant’s cooling water process. Initially, the Client requested a study to seek out the true and factual issues that are contributors to the poor water quality, evaluate the nature and extent of the issues of the contributors to the poor water quality, evaluate alternatives to alleviate or reduce the contributors, estimate construction cost, and recommend a solution. The purpose of this study was to find the most value-added and beneficial solution to provide clean water to the cooling towers and steam turbines. Guernsey’s scope of services included:

• Preplanning and discovery
• Kick-off meeting
• Site Visits
• Data collection
• Prepare monthly progress reports
• Conduct personnel interviews
• Perform investigations and testing
• Identify process issues and deficiencies
• Report findings to OG&E
• Develop a list of alternatives
• Prepare a draft and final report

The existing water supply is derived from the Arkansas River. Several alternatives were analyzed that would provide the best solution to the issue including using the existing water supply and identifying new supplies. Several recommendations were provided to OG+E for consideration/implementation. OG+E is evaluating the recommendations and the future course of action.