Phase II Master Plan and Reconnaissance

A variety of planning activities were addressed relating to 42 miles of the river system (84 miles of river bank) from the Keystone Dam to the Tulsa County/Wagoner County line. The main focus of Phase II included:

  • Characterize the conditions and fatal flaws along the river that could hinder development
  • Develop conceptual plans at 10 pre-selected sites within the river corridor
  • Address hydrology and hydraulic modeling in the Arkansas River to evaluate conditions relating to flow, low water dams, and water quality
  • Participate in a comprehensive public involvement program

Key issues were addressed including: low water dam siting and development, hydrology and hydraulics, ecosystem restoration, infrastructure needs, threatened and endangered species, cultural resources, Tribal lands and activities, and existing oil and gas activities along the river corridor. The plan was well received by officials, communities, and the Tulsa District and has been as a reference for many ongoing activities regarding associated river development.