Senior Lien Mechanical System Replacements FY12-13

This project was broken into four separate projects over four calendar years: FY11, FY12, FY13 and FY14. The FY12 and FY13 projects focused on replacing the mechanical systems replacements at the Headquarters Building and at the Logistics Support Facility.

As part of the FY11 project, the Headquarters Building received a heating hot water system replacement. In the FY12-13 project, the team provided the preliminary design analysis and final design to replace seven air handling units with new custom-fabricated, rooftop-mounted, air handling units, and a chilled water system. At the Logistics Support Facility, Guernsey provided design to replace four air handling units. Three steam boilers were also replaced with natural gas-fired hot water boilers.

Both the Headquarters Building projects and the Logistics Support Facility projects required extensive phasing plans and construction coordination to keep both of the buildings fully occupied during construction. Guernsey is currently providing construction administration responsibilities for both projects during construction.


This project resulted in the replacement of seven air handling units and the chilled water system at the Headquarters Building; and the replacement of four AHU’s, the heating hot water system, and chillers at the Logistics Support Facility on the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center campus.