Structural Engineering

Designing buildings with integrity.

Structural integrity is based on many factors that evaluate stability, strength and rigidity. Our structural engineering team provides many services including design development, specifications, building calculations, peer review, reports and evaluations for existing structures, and construction oversight. We coordinate with all disciplines to make sure the elements of the building have the correct force resistance. Buildings that can withstand all loads that will act upon it (vertical, horizontal, gravitational, building weight and the weight of its occupants) are the result of smart structural engineering.

Our structural engineers play a critical role in designing safe, durable buildings. We design buildings that proactively address structural considerations: gravity design; seismic design in low, moderate and high seismic areas; wind design including tornado and hurricane safe rooms; progressive collapse design; ATFP blast design; foundations design including shallow and deep foundation systems. We assist with local, state and federal code requirements, including site-specific loading, foundation criteria and UFC/ATFP compliance.