Water Supply Feasibility Study

After the performance of preliminary characterization studies for the region’s counties, communities, and rural water districts (population, water supply and infrastructure, water quality), it was determined a detailed feasibility study was required to address regionalization of water supply, treatment, and distribution. Through a US Army Corps of Engineers Planning Assistance to States (PAS) grant, Guernsey was selected by the USACE Tulsa District to prepare part of the overall study focusing on groundwater and surface water options for the region. The water supply portion of the feasibility study examined groundwater resources and surface water options to create a more robust water supply for the six-county region. Three groundwater aquifers and three surface water reservoir locations were identified for evaluation and rated. The most opportune alternative was the proposed Elm Creek Reservoir just north of Medicine Lodge, KS. The estimated yield is 12 MGD. It was determined from this location that a centralized water treatment plant and distribution system could be developed for Sunflower’s constituents. The cost of the reservoir was estimated to be $97 MM.