Reservoir Viability Study/Evaluation

Guernsey identified all the significant historic undeveloped reservoir sites in Oklahoma (125 sites), reviewed existing information, performed a “Fatal Flaws” analysis to efficiently eliminate unsuitable candidates, and categorized the desirability of the remaining options.

A total of 125 reservoir sites were studied and placed into five categories. Placement in the categories was based on a variety of factors.

The fatal flaws analysis was a key effort. Reservoirs were exposed to a fatal flaw review that would be so onerous that the reservoir could not be built. Significant fatal flaws included:

  • Non-mitigative T&E species
  • Significant wetlands
  • Poor water quality
  • Highway relocation (significant)
  • Poor dam site geology/poor soils
  • Significant oil and gas activities
  • Significant development within reservoir boundaries
  • Cost limitations

Additional activities included:

  • Develop website
  • Identify Category 3 and 4 reservoirs that reflects the strongest suitable viability
  • Perform cost analysis
  • Participate in regional meetings

This project was incorporated into the Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan.