Facilities Assessment and Historic Preservation Master Plan

The assessment determined each facility’s renovation needs, developed an estimated construction cost for the recommended items in each facility, and prioritized the recommended renovations based on the funds available. Facilities assessed included log cabins and dining facilities. These structures are constructed largely of locally-obtained timber and natural stone materials. The cabins and dining facilities exhibited moderate to advanced decay in a number of key structural timber columns and joists. In the past, many of the decaying timbers had been patched/filled with a concrete/mortar material (painted ‘Park Brown’). The patches presented indicators of unabated (possibly accelerated) decay due to trapped moisture. Erosion of soil around the exterior and beneath the foundation of some facilities are a hazard to the foundation and structural integrity of the facilities. Other renovations needed were to windows and doors; some of which were conspicuously ‘non-period’ items from earlier renovations. Though limited, mechanical systems such as walk-in coolers, commercial-grade stoves/ovens, and evaporative cooling systems are well beyond expected service life and need to be replaced