Sewer & Water Evaluation and Conceptual Site Master Plan

The Wichita and Affiliated Tribes (Wichita Tribes) recently constructed the highly utilized Wichita Travel Plaza near the intersection of Riverside Drive and State Highway 281, north of Anadarko. Although the plaza currently has site water and sewer services, the facilities are not adequate to support additional development in this area.

Specific development goals for the area have not been fully developed, but possibilities include: a museum, RV park, casino, dance grounds, office space, hotel, grocery store, outdoor concert area, fire department, car wash, laundromat, restaurant and/or truck access for the travel plaza. Therefore, the immediate goal is to provide a water and sewer utility construction phasing plan and, eventually, build the expanded utilities to support development of these projects.

Guernsey is currently evaluating options for acquiring treated water supply and sewer services, while Phase 2 of the project will include design and construction of the selected options.

Guernsey is also preparing a conceptual master plan study for a 70+ acre site to determine the priorities of the proposed amenities as well as vehicular and pedestrian circulation throughout the site. The study will also provide conceptual space allocation for each of the amenities.