Environmental Oversight & Investigations

Guernsey was contacted to be their environmental consultant and oversee all environmental investigations to be conducted at each facility. Guernsey was also asked to review environmental records associated with previous known impacts to the soil and groundwater by an adjoining sucker rod manufacturing facility.

The review of the environmental records located at the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) indicated that contamination originating from the sucker rod plant had impacted the groundwater on the Owner’s property. Phase II ESAs were conducted at both facilities to determine the extent and origin of possible soil and/or groundwater impact to the Owner’s facilities.

The Phase II ESA consisted of installing soil borings utilizing geoprobe technology, obtaining soil and/or groundwater samples for laboratory analysis, and the preparation of reports detailing the field activities and summarizing the laboratory results.

Guernsey performed oversight of two additional Phase II ESAs conducted by the potential purchaser to further achieve project resolution.