Water Resources Planning - Feasibility and Engineering Study

Anticipated water shortages have City officials concerned about meeting water demands now and in the future. The City water supply is currently obtained from Byrd’s Mill Spring (Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer is the source).

Guernsey was selected to address the proposed lake and identify a location for the dam site. Other previous regional surface water supply alternatives were also evaluated. The lake study (Phase I) focused on reviewing the BOR study, watershed analysis, water quality review, identifying fatal flaws for the overall project, addressing hydraulics and hydrologic engineering, and participating in a very active public involvement program.

  • Phase I addressed a watershed inventory, water quality analysis, hydraulic and hydrologic studies, dam site stability, and fatal flaws. No fatal flaws were identified
  • Phase II addressed geotechnical issues; more in-depth hydrology and hydraulic studies; and conceptual design of the lake, dam, and proposed water distribution system
  • Phase III provided a preliminary financial analyses of the proposed project to aid local decision-makers in evaluating the feasibility of the project. The project is feasible and is moving forward
  • Phase IV was focused on pre-marketing of the Scissortail Reservoir as a natural resource for water supply purposes. The Scissortail resource is being reviewed as a regional water supply opportunity