Statewide Bridge Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation consisted of the following:

  • Re-decking
  • Rehabilitation and overlays
  • Bridge painting
  • Expansion joint repair and/or replacement
  • Structural steel repair and/or replacement including beams, shoes, bearings, pads, rockers, etc.
  • Bridge rail and guard rail repair and/or replacement along with other safety appurtenances and approach slab work

Services Included:

  • Photo documentation and field assessments of each bridge
  • Preparation of preliminary and final design plans
  • Construction traffic control plans
  • Preliminary cost estimate
  • Mandatory pre-bid conferences and may include the preparation of bidding documents for ODOT’s bid process
  • Survey
  • Geotech (if required)

A new load carrying capacity analysis of each bridge was prepared in accordance with ASSHTO’s Manual for Bridge Condition Evaluation of Bridges (LFD) and includes both inventory and operating ratings based on H, HS and 3-3 truck configurations. Hydrology and hydraulic studies were performed for roadway structures (less than 20 ft. in width of opening, including but not limited to side drains and cross drains, inlets, storm sewer systems, etc.).