North Wellfield Expansion & Improvement Study

Specific tasks that were included in the Study include:

  • Data collection to obtain line sizing, well capacities, pump curves and specific system layout information from City staff and available records
  • Development of a calibrated North Wellfield hydraulic model, using EPANet, and free-to-use hydraulic software program. The model will incorporate City staff-provided information regarding corrections to the wellfield line locations, line sizing, etc. as presented in the 2006 Master Plan.
  • Identification of existing system improvements that may increase wellfield capacity such as line expansions, pump replacements and other bottleneck eliminations
  • Identification of possible locations for new groundwater wells and associated conveyance lines, including property ownership information and general site data for both Option 1 and 2. (Option 2 will build on Option 1.)
  • Preparation of cost estimates for Option 1 and 2
  • Provide recommendations regarding additional field data to be acquired and the recommended path forward for the City’s North Wellfield expansion efforts