Comprehensive Water Management Plan

The plan is for 12,500-acres of tribal land located in central Oklahoma. Water resources contained within tribal boundaries include: the North Canadian River, Littler River, the Canadian River, Lake Thunderbird tributaries, Garber-Wellington Aquifer, Vamoose-Ada Aquifer, North Canadian River Alluvial Aquifer and the Canadian River Alluvial Aquifer. These resources are being used by tribal members, municipalities, and commercial and domestic entities.

Guernsey’s services include:
  • Site reconnaissance
  • Data collection and review to include: Absentee Shawnee Tribe, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Indian Health Service, Oklahoma Water Resources Board, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, US Geological Survey, Natural Resources Conservation Service and others as identified.
  • Evaluate and assess collected data
  • Prepare a draft and final report to include: purpose; study methodology; tribal area setting/description; water resources planning with background information on water use and rights within tribal jurisdiction, existing and future water supplies and need, and documentation of water management issues; management action plan

The draft report will be submitted to the Tribe for review. Comments from the Tribe will be addressed and a final report will be prepared and submitted.