Tri-County Electric Cooperative Headquarters

Guernsey served as the Designer of Record for the new Tri-County Electric Cooperative campus including a new corporate headquarters building. Tri-County chose to build the new campus after acquiring another energy cooperative’s territory. They were currently in multiple locations, out of ADA compliance and in need of consolidation to help their business operate more efficiently. The new campus serves the needs of the company by supporting the business’ processes, employees, and members.

The headquarters building serves as the home of all departments and staff with support areas including men’s and women’s locker rooms, showers, and large open areas for future growth. The campus also houses a new shop facility for truck maintenance, four new drive-through bays, a storage mezzanine, a drive-through wash bay, and a fueling station.

Both of the new facilities incorporate durable materials, indirect natural daylighting, and many other features that impact the interior environment. The tilt-up concrete panels provide excellent insulation qualities along with in-floor radiant heating to help reduce mechanical costs long term. High efficiency lighting and custom control settings were provided for varied lighting level control.


The new headquarters building and campus serves the needs of the company by supporting the cooperative’s processes, employees, and members.