Transportation Master Plan

Guernsey prepared a Master Transportation Plan (TMP) for the City of Owasso. The study area consisted of approximately 16 square miles. The TMP is a 5, 10, 15 and 20-year transportation planning document that provides a framework for addressing the area’s transportation needs.

The plan will serve as the City’s guide for transportation system improvements, including the existing and planned extension of major roadways and complete streets. The transportation system is comprised of existing and planned freeways/expressways, arterials, collectors and local streets, which could require wider or new rights-of-way for needed improvements and bicycle and pedestrian facilities. Project objectives included:

  • Establish acceptable levels of service (LOS) for the various elements of the transportation system
  • Analyze the current arterial and collector street system and identify current and future capacity enhancement needs to meet the acceptable levels of service
  • Evaluate current and projected land uses using current City planning documents
  • Determine projections based on current and future land uses and projected population growth
  • Assess potential intelligent transportation system approaches i.e. synchronized traffic lights, etc.
  • Identify specific projects and the projected date/time frame when the projects would be completed including cost estimates
  • Prepare a comprehensive funding plan for the transportation systems through a minimum twenty-year planning horizon
  • Identify funding sources to meet the current and future enhancement needs identified
  • Provide alternative analysis with recommendations for funding sources

Tasks include:

  • Project management and progress reports
    Reconnaissance and data collection
    Public involvement
    Evaluation and analysis
    Travel demand modeling
    Traffic impact studies
    Preliminary cost estimates
    Development of plan (identify improvements and prioritize)