Transportation Master Plan

Guernsey along with teaming partner, Wilbur Smith Associates (WSA) out of Houston, TX was selected to develop a Master Transportation Plan for the City of Edmond (City). The plan involved recommended transportation improvements needed to accommodate travel demands through the Year 2030. Guernsey’s responsibilities include the existing conditions evaluation, evaluation of alternative improvements, development of the long range travel demand model, and assistance with public outreach activities.

As part of the study, a detailed travel demand model was developed using CUBE software. The model integrated with the Association of Central Oklahoma Government’s (ACOG) regional travel demand model, but provided a more detailed zone structure and socioeconomic data to better forecast future travel demands in the Edmond area.

An implementation program that prioritizes the recommended Plan improvements was developed and included a short-range and long-range program.

Potential transportation improvements considered included roadway widening and/or extensions, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, and transit options.

The study involved an evaluation of various transportation improvements and considers impacts related to traffic/mobility, engineering/costs, and environmental/land use criteria.

In addition, Guernsey and WSA developed guidelines to require traffic impact studies for new developments, including development of the base ordinance and modifications to the subdivision regulations.