Land Use Plan Update

The City of Edmond (City) contracted with Wilbur Smith Associates (WSA) along with Guernsey, and Howard Fairbairn Site Design to provide professional planning services to assist the City with the preparation of an updated Edmond Plan.

Edmond is a community of approximately 75,000 people living in 90 square miles. Like many successful suburban communities, Edmond has become more than a suburb of Oklahoma City – it is a city of its own and has recently become subject to the pressures of aggressive residential development. The Edmond Plan update addresses the aspects that are critical to the long-term success of the community.

The City Council and the planning director served as the steering committee for this project. Input and feedback was collected from a wide array of community stakeholders, via council workshop meetings, formal public meetings, and the media.

Guernsey and WSA examined a myriad of existing data and plans to ensure that this planning effort held true to the vision and elements previously established in the community. Existing community profile was analyzed and summarized.

Key elements to updating Edmond’s Plan included: assessment and recommendations pertaining to number, size, and type of parks; preservation of remnant forests; utility infrastructure; and preservation and enhancement of community character.

The concept of a ‘transect’ was overlaid on the city’s existing land use and used as a guide to generate a future transect which broadly defines the acceptable character of a place.