Engineering Study, Evaluation and Report

Our client operates and maintains two power generating stations that use water from man-made reservoirs as the source for the plant cooling water.

One Generating Station (Plant) operates a 23,000 acre-ft. man-made lake. The Plant has three gas-fired, 500-MW units. The lake dam was completed in 1968 and is 3,400 feet in length. The second Plant is located near a 149,000 acre-ft. man-made reservoir. The Plant has two coal-fired units, each rated at 500-MW. This dam was completed in 1972 and is 4,500 feet in length.

The Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) is the governing body for dam safety within the State of Oklahoma. Both of these dams are categorized as “Significant” which requires an inspection frequency of every three years.

Guernsey provided inspection services for each dam including the upstream and downstream slope of the dam, crest of dam, abutment contacts, inlet structure, conduit and outlet, concrete spillway, emergency spillway, stilling basin, gates, and instruments. Guernsey reviewed the hazard classification of each dam and prepared a report for review. Guernsey provided recommendations for dam upkeep or repair, and a new recommend a hazard classification.