Dugway Standby Generator Replacement, Dugway Proving Grounds

The project was initiated with an extensive survey by the multi-discipline team including security; mechanical, electrical, and structural engineers as well an architect. Existing conditions and the location of major components were documented through field notes and digital photographs. The existing cinderblock generation plant was constructed adjacent to an older wood structure containing legacy diesel generators.

It was determined through consensus of the design team and the Government representatives that this building should be demolished to provide space for the exterior heat exchangers as well as to reduce the fire protection requirements associated with the adjacent wood structure. The generation capacity of the new generation plant was sized to handle the ten year projected electric load provided by the site. Four engine generator sets were installed to meet the 10 MW projected peak load. A new control room was installed with SCADA controlled switchgear to start the generators remotely for loss of voltage at Ditto Substation. The new generation is connected to Ditto Substation. New transmission switches were installed between Ditto and English Village Substations as well as communications for loss of voltage. Other electrical aspects of the design included protective relaying, new overhead and underground conductors to the English Village substation. T

The facility was equipped with an electronic security system that was interfaced with the existing Honeywell/Vindicator system. Additionally, the ATFP requirements of the local ATFP officer were met throughout the design. The fire detection and protection system was designed to also accommodate future integration with a mass notification system. This project was designed in approximately one-half the time that was anticipated at the time of task order award in order to meet the requirements of the ARRA program.