Comprehensive Electrical Utility Analysis

CDM Smith was awarded an IDIQ contract, and selected Guernsey as their partner in conducting a comprehensive electrical utility analysis of the existing system. Secondarily, the contract included developing a utility master plan of both known and anticipated future loads with recommended courses of action (COAs) for the next ten years.

The study included the following deliverables, with Guernsey responsible for or assisting with items 1, 2, 4, 9 and 10:

  1. Completion of U-ICAP and GIS data gathering: The entire 11.5 kV electrical utility system at NSA-2 and the New P-21 Substation at NSA-1
  2. Develop electrical one-line drawing for entire 11.5 kV electrical utility system
  3. Perform power factor correction of current electrical system to 95% lagging
  4. Modeling existing electrical utility system in SKM’s Power Tools utility modeling software
  5. Perform short circuit analysis of current electrical system
  6. Perform coordination study
  7. Perform arc-flash analysis of current electrical system and label equipment
  8. Perform load flow analysis of current electrical system and future loads. Validate future load requirements provided by NSA Bahrain. Perform analyses on impact of future additional loading requirements.
  9. Develop COAs to handle load growth over next ten (10) years. Develop scopes of work (SOW), DD 1391s for all COAs, and cost estimates for each project.
  10. Compile all the above into a ten (10) year Electrical Utility Master Plan