Boeing Global Services HQ Tenant Build-Out

The design team worked on a fast track schedule to design this 20,000-square-foot office space in under eight weeks in two phases. Construction was also currently fast tracked to be completed in under seven weeks.

The facility includes 26 private offices created using a flexible demountable wall system that gives opportunity to the team to reconfigure quickly as their business changes and grows. Open office cubicle spaces and 4 cutting edge video conferencing rooms create a virtual experience that can reach any location around the world.

The light-filled rotunda was the focal point of the design featuring a turbine inspired ceiling feature and a high volume, low speed fan that will gain HVAC efficiencies in this space. The rotunda also features collaboration spaces and a kitchenette suited for gatherings.


This 20,000-square-foot tenant build-out design was completed in under eight weeks. The result is a cutting edge, efficient workspace.