The Face of Architecture - Guernsey

By: 405 Magazine

As a full-service architecture and engineering firm, Guernsey believes that great design occurs when the team embraces all disciplines. Founded in 1928, Guernsey has been providing architectural design for over 45 years.

Guernsey’s unique Integrated Design Process brings together designers, architects and engineers from conceptual design through ribbon-cutting. The result is high performance buildings designed with purpose. The Integrated Design Process is one that incorporates early value planning rather than last-minute value engineering. By collaborating with all disciplines, end users and owners at project inception; holistic concepts, goals and expectations delineate project direction and design. This means clients are able to get the most out of their investments.

“While creativity is a major factor of great designs, we are aware that client business goals and needs can take great designs to the next level,” says David Oman, AIA, Director of Design. “Each team member brings value to the process. Guernsey’s Integrated Design Process breeds shared trust, enthusiasm and loyalty with our staff and clients alike.”

Guernsey recognizes that buildings must be functional, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Their team of architects understands the importance of blending substantiated architectural philosophies with new technology to develop innovative designs that are sustainable and forward-thinking.

“As architects, we must connect the right brain to the left brain – combining attention to detail with passion and creativity. Our goal is to positively influence people with the environments we create,” says Chris Nuttle, AIA, Project Architect.

Guernsey is dedicated to being an active member of the Oklahoma City community and good stewards of the environment. Their goal is to give back to the community by providing inspiring architecture and exceptional engineering services. Realize the difference.

405 Magazine - August 2017