AIA Central Oklahoma Member Spotlight

This week's AIA Central Oklahoma Member Spotlight

Chris Nuttle, AIA of Guernsey


Give a Short Bio: Born in Michigan. Grew up in Blackwell. Went to college at OSU (Go Pokes!). Ran track for a year at OSU (wow that was a long time and 20 pounds ago). Spent a year of exchange in Belgium in a city called Louvain-La-Neuve. (A very interesting town. Basically a college town built from scratch, and designed for pedestrians. The center of town isn’t even accessible by automobile, except for underground parking.) Out of school I worked in OKC for 2 years, then San Diego for 6 years, and now back in OKC for close to 7 years. I really enjoy putting on my headphones, and walking urban areas to experience the energy that the architecture and city planning create. I am also passionate about the arts and education.

How long have you been a member of AIA? 8 years all together

What’s your favorite AIA Central Oklahoma event? Favorite AIA Central Oklahoma Activity? Golf Tourney. Favorite AIA Central Oklahoma “event”? Luncheons- Especially when we have a speaker that really pushes me to re-evaluate a topic.

What’s your favorite thing about AIA? Leadership AIA – I highly suggest this for architects that aspire to be leaders within the profession and within their respective firms.

Why did you choose to get involved in the AIA Board? I am passionate about how we as architects can engage the people of Oklahoma, to help them understand the merits of great architecture and planning.

What drew you to architecture? That it’s partly a creative art that almost everyone uses and experiences. I really like the idea that architecture can make life a more enjoyable and mind expanding experience for everyone who experiences our work.

What’s your favorite piece/place of design in Oklahoma? Architecturally, Boston Avenue Methodist Church. There is just something about the tower that I find captivating. From a planning perspective, the MAPs projects and the street projects that create “identity” are providing for a very strong design “backbone” for OKC.

If you were a super hero, who would you be? I really like how Dr. Strange can bend and form space around him, but I grew up a Batman fan. So….. Dr. Strangebat?

Window or aisle? Always the window, I love seeing cities and landscapes from above. (top tip: sitting over the wings, or slightly in front of them, is typically the smoothest ride during flight.)

On a Saturday morning, where could we typically find you? Working on art or catching up on my “to do” list, with political news, music, golf, or football on the tube in the background.