As believers in the power of relationships, we find that ‘consulting’ and ‘collaborating’ are two of our favorite words. They require coming together and sharing thoughts to arrive at an agreed-upon goal. And to us, it doesn’t get much more rewarding than that. Perhaps that’s why we’ve built quite an array of services in this area.


Owner's Engineer/Program Management

Our professional engineers have served as owner’s engineer in a variety of industries for clients such as electric utilities, state transportation agencies, and downstream oil and gas companies. The term...


Permitting/Regulatory Compliance

When the job at hand is ensuring regulatory compliance and obtaining permits, you want a team who has been in the field, seen every side of the issues and sustained...



Our professionals have analyzed more than 500 Department of Defense utility systems since 1992, including the first utility privatization analysis for the Department of the Army. As a result, we...


Public-Private Partnerships

Transactions may present strategic opportunities to reallocate scarce resources to more important functions, however not all arrangements result in technical performance at an economical price. Our professionals will team with...


Security Design

From the development of programmatic elements of a security program to the design of enterprise level security management systems and crisis management exercises, our team of experts can provide you...


Utility Infrastructure Strategy

Utility infrastructure is reaching a critical point across the world. Assets are aging out, technology is developing exponentially, and the goals of utility systems are changing. We provide independent assessment...