Demo and Consolidate Naval Warfare Center, Weapons Division

Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD) provides technical personnel and processes to perform research, development, acquisition, life cycle support of electronic warfare systems and devices, engineering, and support expertise for both domestic and foreign military sales (FMS) customers. These systems and devices are required to ensure the safe and effective operation on Naval and Marine Corps aircraft in a hostile electronic combat environment.

This project consolidated NAWCWD on Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) Point Mugu Campus into approximately 60,000 square feet of existing vacant space in Buildings PM36, PM352, and PM512 from existing underutilized and deteriorating cold-war era facilities.

Areas previously occupied by NAWCWD laboratory functions were upgraded by repairing and improving existing vacant space into office and administration space compliant with current building codes and safety criteria. Deteriorated architectural, mechanical, electrical, and fire protection systems were replaced as needed to meet the new function required by the users.

Building PM36 is a historic, multi-story building constructed of cast-in-place concrete with concrete masonry unit (CMU) annexes with light gauge steel stud walls. Portions of this building were renovated from abandoned warehouse, laboratory, and office space to large open TIGER and ATIM laboratories and efficient office spaces. All work done to this building was coordinated and approved by the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).Building PM352 is a single story building with high and low bay spaces constructed of light gauge steel stud walls with corrugated metal siding that was converted from an underutilized warehouse to an all-purpose wood and metal shop. Building PM512 is a 50-year-old, multi-story building constructed of CMU that required minor upgrades to selected spaces to prepare for the laboratory functions that were scheduled to occupy the space.