Guernsey Welcomes Chad Morris, PE, as Design Group Director for Water Team: A Passionate Advocate for Our Most Precious Resource

Chad Morris, Guernsey Design Group Director, Water Resources

Guernsey is proud to introduce our newest team member, Chad Morris, PE, who is taking on the vital role of Design Group Director leading Guernsey’s water team.

Chad brings a wealth of experience, spanning over 30 years, to our organization. His professional journey has encompassed diverse roles, including that of an engineering consultant and a municipal utilities director responsible for oversight for the cities of Ponca City and Stillwater. His rich and diverse background built a holistic perspective, enabling him to gain deep insights into how systems operate and identify potential challenges. These insights profoundly influence his approach to project design.

While Chad specializes in water and wastewater projects, his design expertise extends across a wide spectrum. His portfolio includes water and wastewater treatment plants, water towers, pump stations, distribution lines, lift stations, sewer lines, regional stormwater detention facilities, dams and spillways, landfills, master plans, capital improvement programs, and funding assistance for capital projects. His contributions have been instrumental in major water initiatives across the state, with a notable example being the Atoka Pipeline, which delivers drinking water from southeast Oklahoma to the metropolitan area, benefiting 1.4 million residents.

However, to truly understand Chad’s passion for water, we need to delve into his personal history. He vividly remembers growing up in rural Oklahoma when the first water lines were being installed to bring water to his area. For him, water is not merely something that flows from a faucet; it is a precious resource that he believes will become an even more critical issue in the coming century.

All of Chad’s history and experience come to life in his work. In Chad’s own words, he has reached a stage in his career where he values the practice of engineering rather than the business aspects of engineering. “I enjoy problem-solving, mentoring young people, and developing quality client relationships based on service and trust. The opportunity to lead the formation of a new Water Group at Guernsey was unexpected but deeply resonated with me because I’d be working with people I already knew and respected. After visiting with Guernsey, I found our values and visions were perfectly aligned and there is already an exceptional team in place.”

“Chad joining our team is a game changing event. Having an individual with this caliber of experience as well as an impeccable reputation make him an invaluable asset to our organization,” said Jeff Napoliello, Senior Vice President and Director of the Design Group.

It’s worth mentioning that Chad previously served as the Vice-Chairman of the Kaw Reservoir Authority and Chairman of the Association of Landfill Financial Assurance (ALFA).

We look forward to the positive impact Chad will undoubtedly bring to Guernsey across all fronts, not to mention the exceptional work he will contribute to our water team.