Bishop Road Fire Station No. 8

Currently in construction, the new Bishop Road Fire Station NO. 8 is approximately 16,000 square feet.The facility was designed so that building equipment and functions can be used as a training tool for the Fire Department staff.Among other components, the facility will have a training tower, and the Fire Riser has been located so that there is enough room for a class to gather around it.

The Rig garage has four apparatus bays and one maintenance bay, including a 1 ton overhead crane.

The day room incorporates an open floor plan concept with a large living room, dining and kitchen.The kitchen has three separate refrigerators and pantries to accommodate each staff shift while they’re on duty.

The dormitory facilities are large enough to accommodate 19 staff members, a private room for the Captain, and a private room for the Major.

There is a safe room incorporated into the training room, so the on-staff tenants will be protected during a severe weather event.Other spaces include a fitness room, large locker area, separate gear storage, and even a repair workshop.