Cybersecurity Management Services

Let us help you monitor your networks and controls.

Tools such as Security Event Management, Intrusion Detection Systems, and Vulnerability Scanners are designed to look at your systems and logs in order to detect incidents early. These tools are often an underutilized resource for a security program. If your staff doesn’t have the time to calibrate and maintain these tools, they become ineffective. When the tools aren’t updated with the latest risks and environmental changes, the system creates false positives, which eventually get ignored. Our cybersecurity professionals partner with organizations to regularly maintain systems and ensure useful and actionable information is provided.

We recommend AlienVault Unified Security Management Software and intelligence to alert IT organizations to network anomalies, weaknesses, and possible attacks. This tool is very powerful and combines security event management, intrusion detection, and vulnerability analysis to alert IT, often before an attack is successful. Our cybersecurity professionals will help configure, monitor, and calibrate this system in order to ensure that your organization’s investment in these tools is a successful one.

Vulnerability Management

Helping clients select and manage solutions.

Assistance with vulnerability management often involves helping clients select and manage solutions to identify and address and patch both software and configuration-based vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them. Guernsey helps organizations design and execute the process to continuously acquire, assess, and act on new information to identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities.

Configuration Management

Properly configuring IT systems has been shown to eliminate 80-95% of known security vulnerabilities.

Guernsey can help you design and implement standardized, secure configurations for operating systems, firewalls, routers, and switches. Hardening typically includes the removal of unnecessary accounts, disabling or removal of unnecessary services, applying patches, closing open and unused network ports, and the use of host-based firewalls. Properly designing and configuring network devices can be complicated, and misconfiguration may result in issues as minor as reduced network speed to as serious as a total breach of internal systems.

Disaster Recovery and Incident Management Planning

We develop procedures required to restore operations.

We work with organizations to develop, implement, and test disaster recovery and business continuity programs. Based on an evaluation of risk and identification of a range of disaster scenarios, we develop procedures required to restore operations. Guernsey will assist you with plan updates and maintenance by facilitating testing and executing tabletop exercises.