Digital and Accounting Forensic Services

Digital and Accounting Forensic Services

Guernsey Forensic professionals include certified accountants, auditors, fraud examiners, and security professionals that provide a full suite of digital and accounting forensic services. For over 90 years, Guernsey has earned a reputation for quality and attention to detail that is essential for any investigation.

Digital Forensic Investigations

Digital Forensics is the process of uncovering and interpreting electronic data to allow the data on a digital device to tell a story of past events or how the information originated on the device. The forensic process will enable us to preserve data as evidence in its most original state while performing a systematic investigation to reconstruct past events or protect the findings. A forensically sound process is essential to ensuring the results of an analysis will stand if required to be used in court. In the Information security realm, digital forensics plays a vital role in data breaches, virus outbreaks, and the overall way in which data is recorded and secured in an organization.

Our professionals use the best-in-class tools and processes to forensically investigate incidents by examining sources such as computers, networks, mobile devices, social media profiles, cloud storage, and removable media, such as USB drives. Forensics may be used to support internal corporate investigations or investigate the nature and extent of an unauthorized network intrusion. The typical forensic process encompasses the seizure, forensic imaging (acquisition), and analysis of digital media and the production of a report into collected evidence. Results of a forensic investigation may be used to support Civil Litigation, Criminal Trials, and Family law. Corporate organizations may use digital forensics to investigate incidents such as Intellectual Property theft, fraud, employee misconduct, for cause terminations.

Forensic Imaging and Storage

It is often the case that companies will want to collect computer images of terminated employees where there is a concern of fraud or theft of intellectual property. If there is a chance that computer data will be used in litigation, companies should ensure that data is collected and stored in a forensically sound manner that ensures the integrity of evidence. Guernsey will manage and store images, ensuring that they are available for investigation and admissible in litigation.

Expert Witness Testimony

At Guernsey, our certified security professionals understand that the key to a case that involves digital forensics is ensuring that the evidence can withstand the scrutiny of the rules of evidence. Our experts have a track record of being able to explain the collection process and analysis of digital information accurately and clearly before a judge, jury, or in a deposition and to stay focused on the facts and answer questions accordingly. It is common for the opposing counsel to attempt to cast doubt on the validity of the evidence. Our examiners can identify and correct errors in logic or misrepresentation of the facts to discredit the evidence or expert witness.

Another role in which our expert witnesses operate is finding errors in the conflicting testimony or evidence. A detailed understanding of the process and rules of evidence allow our experts to be in the best position to identify errors in the collection and analysis process that may discredit some or all parts of digital evidence on the opposing side.