Time Warner Cable Office Building

With an incredibly low attrition rate, culture was of paramount importance to this client. Bringing seven different cultures together needed to “feel” seamless – creating a space where all could rally as a collaborative community.

The design team transformed an atrium into a collaborative, multi-tiered gathering space. The conference rooms were specifically placed to draw people out of offices into collaborative spaces. These are spaces for client interaction as well, where rooms are always booked and maintain a high energy and activity level. Office functions were strategically planned around office cores, with fewer offices around perimeter, and full daylighting to all interior spaces.

Retaining the solid bones of the structure, the team added all new windows and cladding, electrical, and mechanical, to improve daylighting and operational efficiencies. The site itself is stunning – so the design team went about augmenting inside to outside orientation, providing panoramic through-views from guest entry points to the beautiful nature in the backyard. An adjacent parking ramp was completely redesigned to assist in the influx of consolidated staff while leveraging the benefits of the natural site.

A previously vacant, renovated office building created the opportunity to bring associates from seven different offices together, and do so in a way that helped significantly reduce turnover expected due to the consolidation. The design focuses on creating a community and a workplace that actually enhances employee quality of life.


This renovation project enabled seven different office cultures to blend seamlessly under one roof. The spaces were designed to encourage collaboration and enhance employee quality of life.