Sálo, LLC

The design team developed a model 10,500-square-foot workplace that was flexible enough to facilitate growth and movement of teams while keeping every area focused on vibrant communication, mobility and workplace wellness.

The team worked closely with the Mayo Clinic to develop a space with all “treadmill” walking workstations—even the conference room boasts standing, walking work stations. Low panels facilitate conversation and interior windows serve as whiteboards for visual collaboration. A full 2/3 of the space is dedicated entirely as social and collaborative space, however protecting sensitive client conversation was also important. The design provided acoustically-private space for crucial meetings with potential clients and staff members.

Modern upgrades included the addition of efficient HVAC units, new shower facilities and restrooms, and high-quality finishes to support the firm’s intent of providing an inspiring office environment.

A historic significant space in the downtown district, the design team salvaged existing floors and brick walls, but blended other modern interior solutions outside a required five-foot preservation perimeter. Countless guests are attracted to the city office with access to parks and St. Thomas University within the unique low-rise commercial neighborhood.


The result was a design geared for business success and staff growth within their established geographic location as a contributing member of the historical district and the surrounding community.