ProMed Molded Plastics Office Building

Taking the lead in the integrated design-build process, the team was responsible for all architectural and interior design aspects of the project. By remodeling existing underutilized warehouse space for ProMed Molded Plastics Company, the team focused on bringing diverse staff together. The goal? To create real interaction through orchestrated traffic flow within an environment where employees from different departments - including design, engineering, production and office staff - could come together both casually and formally in a centralized location.

A new statement main entrance was designed with massive glazed curtain walls to provide natural daylight throughout the facility. Featured within the new 24’ high curtain walls are the open reception and lobby area, collaborative office space for research and development, executive offices, and conference rooms. Restrooms, a locker room, a large break room/presentation room with kitchen space were created to serve and bring over 200 staff together.

A new entry with welcoming architectural canopy and rail embraced surrounding landscaping. Large glass windows replaced brick walls, bringing critical daylighting into common spaces and interior offices. A central plaza concept allows traffic to flow from entry points from each side of the building through and around the new space - allowing for necessary privacy, security and separation between departments within this centrally located common space.


The result was an office building that fostered real interaction by creating an environment both formal and casual where a diverse staff could congregate and work in a centralized location.