Environmental Strategic Master Plan

PetroChina’s plan, which covered the corporate level and all four major operating departments, addressed all applicable environmental issues company-wide and delineated the infrastructure needed to effectively manage those issues.

The plan was structured as follows:

Develop a comprehensive set of performance indicators for every major business area of the company, setting a new bar for performance; afterward, compare this new standard to current performance using gap analysis

Develop an effective implementation plan that includes three major components:

  • A strategic planning process to identify, prioritize and implement key environmental projects and issues in order of importance, according to five- and 10-year project forecasts and business priorities
  • An environmental management system to assist operations in accepting responsibility for environmental performance; the system uses “line accountability” to engage operating managers at all levels in buying into environmental performance accountability
  • A functional excellence program to address how effectively employees communicate in a modern facility where decision-making is critical; accountable leadership teams are overlaid on the organization to facilitate coordination and decision-making


This overall environmental strategic master plan was based on the premise that what gets measured gets improved, and it proved critical in guiding PetroChina to success among other large integrated international petroleum companies.