Embassy Medical Center

Our team approached this design by identifying international and cultural differences among healthcare philosophies. The result was a blend of modern U.S. medical processes with a new awareness of alternative medicines and the integration of nature to create an opportunity for enhanced care through architecture.

Unlike most medical facilities around the world, which rank low in sustainable design principles for consumption and waste, Embassy Medical Center leads in the area of sustainability. The modern use of open-air terraces off patient rooms brings nature into the healing process, while inside state-of-the-art medical and eHealth components deliver integrated care. The design features an eight-story open air-cooling waterfall, mass transit connectors, and on-site housing for staff and visitors. For the immediate community, Embassy Medical Center provides sustainable energy and collection of waste products.

The entire facility is designed for catastrophic events such as hurricanes, tsunami and earthquakes. By elevating all critical support areas above the second floor level, the building will be fully capable of providing care during a natural disaster or once one has subsided.


Western high tech medicine. Eastern high touch approach.