The Adopt- A-Room program is the first of its kind, facilitating the creation of unique, family-focused hospital rooms. Founded in September 2004 by Chuck Knight, Brian Scheperlee and Dave Millington, Adopt-A-Room connected a unique group of professionals with the expertise, vision, and business aptitude to deliver a better hospital experience for children and their families.

Building on the design ideas of seriously ill children and their families, the patient rooms optimize the delivery of healthcare within a family-focused environment. Unlike any patient rooms ever constructed, the suites feature unique amenities such as a color-changing ceiling light portal, a room-size “magic wall” with oversized LCD screens for movies, video games, internet access, and a live bedside-controlled roof-cam.Bathrooms include easy-access showers and heated floors and a family retreat area allows overnight guests with the comforts of built-in refrigerators, pantries and storage. The original prototype rooms also allowed the University of Minnesota and the hospital system to leverage the Adopt-A-Room model with potential donors while generating overall excitement for the rooms throughout the new hospitals that could be adopted.

A distinctive group of healthcare leaders, design and construction experts created prototype rooms that completely reinvent the hospital patient experience. Through the Adopt-A-Room model, these rooms have been “adopted” by individual and corporations to fund the initial build-out and ongoing maintenance.


A home away from home for children experiencing a hospital stay.